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CVLC Labyrinth


CVLC Labyrinth is open to all people who would like to use it as a tool for meditation, prayer, or a focused journey. 

Amy, a seminarian student involved with CVLC provided the inspiration for this labyrinth. Proud CVLC members took Amy’s vision and completed this project after her departure. 

 A labyrinth is an ancient pattern found throughout the world to experience a personal connection with the sacred. These patterns dated back thousands of years, but began to be used in churches around 325 AD as an alternate to the costly, and dangerous pilgrimages to Jerusalem which one was hopeful to take once in their lifetime.  Thus the labyrinth became a sort of spiritual pilgrimage.

Remember that everybody experiences the labyrinth differently; there is no right or wrong way to walk it!  Just enjoy your time.

Spend some time focusing, before you enter the path.  Remain quiet and center on what you might like to pray through-discernment, prayer for others, anger, sadness, anxiety or other emotions and know that no prayers are too small for God.


As you enter the path, take a deep breath.  Walk slowly, observe the process, and listen.  If unhelpful thoughts are in the way, acknowledge them and move on.  Don’t try to over-think the journey, but let it happen. 

When you reach the center, stay as long as you’d like.  Focus, listen, empty your mind, and leave only when you’re ready.

Continue in prayer as you leave the center and walk the path again. Let GOD fill you with joy, peace, contentment, and perhaps even answer to questions.

When you exit, spend some time reflecting, journaling, drawing, etc… on your time in the labyrinth.  What has God revealed to you?  How can you share this with others?

Entrance: Pause and wait at the entrance, become quiet, pay respect through a bow, nod, or other gesture and then enter.

Exiting: Turn and face the entrance. Give an acknowledgement of ending, such as "Amen."

Walk often.

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