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Church Ministry


Christian education is a primary function of the Church.  From Bible study to self-help programs, the Church can provide learning opportunities which are not only enriching, but can also be preventative in nature.  Sunday Church School (SCS) is still where Christians learn the most about their faith.  -More-


The creation of a sense of the congregation as a family is enhanced through the fellowship ministry.  This is the fun part of congregational life which provides the opportunity for members to form close and lasting relationships which strengthen the whole program of ministry.


A congregation's program of outreach determines whether or not there is growth.   Without growth, a congregation will have limited resources with which to expand its ministry.  Outreach is a primary function of all members of Christ's Church.


This area of ministry provides support for all other areas of ministry within the congregation.   Communication, record keeping and stewardship are aspects of the church's support ministry.


Everything else that we do in our program of ministry is motivated by our experience in worship.  Through worship, we experience God's grace which in turn empowers us to respond in other programs.  Worship belongs to the people of God, who in consort with pastoral leadership, "do" worship together.

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