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Christus Victor Lutheran Church

Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers...



Pastor Lori Cornell, Lead Pastor at St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Spokane WA, who has cancer

Tom Counts

Beth Stalbaum, who is recovering from a broken bone in her leg

Collin Westphal



Eileen Dean, Pat Erickson, Marie Marszalek, Eddy Mae Murphy, Lana Rosenbeck



Anna Burk,  Rich Burke, Sandra Dickert, Lana Harris, Sharon Johnson, Emily Lyles, Nolan McKinley, Buddy Melton, Shirley Nix, Kay Queen, Carol Ryan, Weston Shealy, Kenneth Shumpert, Judy Smith, Bee Stoudenmire, Ginger Stoudenmire, Sharon Weber, Nelson Williams


In praise and thanksgiving


A special measure of your grace

For family and friends of Frank Branham, Randy Cannon's brother-in-law, who passed away

For family and friends of Pam Sheldon, cousin of Jill Chapman and Lisa-Karen Meetze, who passed away

For veterans and those serving in the military


For our enemies and for reconciliation 









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